Welcome to my Internet home. I am Chaitanya Patel presently living at Coventry, UK. You can visit my resume and Linkedin profile and visualize my experience and career.

I have 16+ years experience in Automotive safety critical Embedded Control systems (Engine Management  System, Knock and Ignition control, GDI Fuel system, Bypass Functionality for Rapid prototyping, Automatic Transmission control, HVAC/Climate control system, All Wheel Drive system),  Modeling and Simulation of control algorithms and diagnostics functions, Fixed point Auto code generation and verification, Physical systems or Plant  modeling, In-Vehicle and Laboratory testing using HILS platform (ETAS LABCAR).

I led development of  Prototype for Active Roll and Suspension control system for sedan class passenger vehicle using Off the shelf hydraulic components within 6 months from concept to demonstration for R&D center of Global OEM.

I have used System identification for Gas turbine engine and Construction equipment (Backhoe Loader, 4 Wheel Drive Loader, Skid steer loader) using test data to derive transfer function for fine tuning controller parameters and designing robust controller.

I have developed and led team for Virtual product development using Multidisciplinary simulation tools (Hydraulics, Multi body Dynamics and Control) for Off-highway equipment for dynamic/transient & steady-state performance evaluation and to aid advanced control strategy development for ECU.

I have experience in developing new Competencies and Team (new engineers) in domains of  Hydraulic components and circuit simulation, Process simulation, Modeling and Simulation of automotive embedded control algorithms.